MIND THE EARTH focuses primarily on communication, and through exhibitions, publications and other communication initiatives, our goal is to increase awareness about the challenges the world is facing in terms of climate change, population growth, urbanization and management of the limited resources of our planet in a broader sense.

MIND THE EARTH will link knowledge, ethics and aesthetics, and we believe in the importance of communication that activates the intellect, senses and emotions.

MIND THE EARTH wishes to contribute to the sustainable development of our planet through exhibitions that disseminate knowledge about both challenges and possibilities, in order to highlight possible actions on both political and individual levels.


The mission of MIND THE EARTH is to accelerate the necessary transformation of the way we manage the finite resources of our planet. We wish to establish a global cooperation with both small and large operators that have sustainable development and climate change as a primary focus, in order to reach the widest possible audience, influence public opinion, and increase political support for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.